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5.08 Acre Lot With Road Access

$ 71,000
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Catwalk Road, ,
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Here you have 5.08 acres in Shelby, Kentucky. Street access right off Catwalk Road in Bagdad, KY 40003. This property is in Lake Font Farms Subdivision. This property has so much to offer the person who wants it. It has beauty and a great location close to amenities and necessities while still being away from a lot of neighbors. There is other housing around this location so utilities should not be a issue .

You have multiple shopping centers from groceries, appliances, home goods, pharmacies, and more just a few miles from here. There is multiple Malls and Plazas for everyone’s wants and needs. You will even find you smaller stores for those quick runs you may have like Dollar Stores and Hardware stores right around this location.


This location also offers those fun activities for you and your family to enjoy. You have Main Event Louisville, Warrior Activity Center, Malibu Jacks Louisville, and Henry County Fairgrounds. These are just a few places I have named that you have all around this property. You will also find American Saddlebred Museum, Shelbyville Country Park, and Elk Creek Vineyards. Plenty of different activities for everyone in the family to enjoy.


If you and your family enjoy the outdoors this location comes with multiple outdoor trails, camps, and other activities. There is McConnell Springs, Lake Shelby, Cedarmore Camp, Kentucky River Camp, and Squire Boone Trail. There is still plenty more outdoors adventures these are just a few short places I named here that is right around this location.

Hotels and Rentals!!

For those times you just want to get away this location comes with plenty of places for you and your family to check into for a night or a weekend away. There is General Butler Resort, Shelbyville Lodge, Capital Plaza Hotel, University Lodge, and Hampton Inn. You will find all these just a few short miles from this property and plenty more places.


Of course you want a location that comes with a nice variety of flavors of food and plenty of places to eat. This location has a nice variety and plenty of places for you and your family to check out. There is Main Street Cafe, Buddy’s Place, Farm House Grill, Bourbon On Main, and Family Billiards. There is so many more places to choose from rather its dine in, take out, or fast food. You will find all these places and more right around this location.

Check this property out and it could be yours and could just be that one property you have been waiting to find. You will see everything it has to offer from a beautiful location to how close this location is to all your amenities and necessities you will need. While it still gives you that nice space from other properties.

*This is being marketed as an assignment of contract for said property. We will double close at the title company to ensure clear and marketable title


State: Kentucky

County: Shelby

City/Town: Bagdad, KY 40003

APN: 104-00-001s

Address/Access: Catwalk Road, Bagdad, KY 40003

Lot Size in Acres: 5.08

GPS Coordinates: 38.2931806, -84.99983888888889

Tax Amount Per Year: $118.88

GPS Points: 38.2932083, -84.99966944444445; 38.2930417, -85.00003611111111; 38.2945722, -85.00028333333333; 38.2948333, -85.00013888888888; 38.2948972, -85.00010833333333; 38.2949639, -85.00000833333333; 38.2951361, -84.9999888888889;38.2951694, -84.99994444444445; 38.2952083, -84.99986666666666; 38.2952361, -84.999819444444444; 38.2953778, -84.99980833333333; 38.2954361, -84.99977222222222; 38.2954806, -84.9997444444444; 38.2955222, -84.99968333333334; 38.2955667, -84.99952222222223; 38.2955861, -84.99947222222222; 38.2956639, -84.99946666666666; 38.2957306, -84.99943333333333; 38.2957583, -84.99939166666667; 38.2958167, -84.99845555555555; 38.2958333, -84.99923333333334; 38.2958694, -84.99919722222222; 38.2959306, -84.99921388888889; 38.2960306, -84.9991888888889; 38.2960667, -84.9991527777777; 38.2961306, -84.99905555555556; 38.2961889, -84.9989577777777; 38.2963306, -84.99894444444445; 38.2964944, -84.99888888888889; 38.3000528, -84.99896944444444; 38.3009944, -85.00005833333333; 38.3010611, -84.99986666666666; 38.300861, -84.998825; 38.2964444, -84.99866944444445; 38.2963444, -84.99876111111111; 38.2962944, -84.9987888888889; 38.2961389, -84.99881666666667; 38.2960194, -84.99896944444444; 38.2959611, -84.99901944444444; 38.2958694, -84.99905833333334; 38.2957778, -84.99906944444444; 38.2957194, -84.99913611111111; 38.2956444, -84.99925555555555; 38.2956111, -84.99929444444444; 38.2955778, -84.99931944444444; 38.2954917, -84.99931944444444; 38.2954333, -84.99940277777777; 38.2953306, -84.99958611111111; 38.2952944, -84.99961388888889; 38.2952389,- 84.99963611111112; 38.2950694, -84.99965555555556; 38.2950139, -84.99969722222222; 38.294925, -84.99983611111111; 38.2948139, -84.99990833333334

Lot Size: 5.08 acres
Property ID: 482
APN: 104-00-001s
Address: Catwalk Road
Zip Code: 40003
Coordinates: 38.2931806, -84.999838888889
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