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The LandCorp of Illinois, Inc. was founded back in 2019 when myself and my general contractor (Cory Provost) decided that buying and selling land as a business could be a really fun business to work in. I have been investing in real estate for over 15 years and have accumulated over 80 rentals. I had been flipping land for the previous 2 years and absolutely loved it. We both were “all in” on that we could make this work and The Land Corp was born.

What we liked most about flipping land is that we could see that finding land at a significant discount was something that we could do. And by doing so, it would enable us to sell land to our end buyers at a sizable discount as well.  We would be providing a value-added service and everyone would be happy. That’s the essence of what most successful businesses are founded on – providing a service that your customers can benefit from.

People who sell land to us do so because they want the cash fast and understand they are taking a discount by selling to us but that the speed of the transaction will more than make up from the lesser price that they will receive.. And people who buy from us are happy because we’re passing along quite a bit of the discount we obtained when we buy our properties so our end buyers are always paying less for our properties than what they’re worth.

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